The Lycée Saint André pour Filles, or LSAF for short or in English Saint Andreas Girls' High School, is one of the high schools in Nouvelle-Dunkerque with the highest reputation out of all the schools in the country. With its main campus in the Municipalité de St. Madeleine, to be precise on the Île des Cygnes, the Isle of Swans, the campus is roughly rectangular, 400 metres by 200 metres, for a total area of 8 hectars.

For the 2020 School Year, the LSAF had 617 students in five years (ages 14 to 19) and 33 classes.


Thoughts about a possible student exchange program on a larger scale go back to the year 1999,

Famous Alumni and Students

The Campus

The campus covers a total of 8 hectars, with an 'outpost' at the Marina, belonging to the Boating Club. All important facilities can be found on campus.


In lieu with the 2021 LSAF Student Exchange, the school rented a floor in the apartment block Rue du Vitrier 7, a total of eight flats for foreign students for a symbolic price of one Livre. There, they will live in small Dorm-Families headed by a Dorm-Mom, who will support them with word and deed.



Three students in school uniforms. From left: Joselin Aco, Goedele Fornel and Carlla Goudot.

The school uniform of the LSAF consists of a white blouse, a beige sweater vest and a blue striped pleated skirt. A bow completes the look, the colour of the bow indicating the year the student joined.

The School Swimsuit is the dark blue standard model.

Due to the climate of Nouvelle-Dunkerque, there are no winter uniforms. Every student is expected to wear her uniform orderly and cleanly, caring for it personally.

After-School Activities

Student Council

The Lycée Saint André pour Filles is one of the few schools in Nouvelle-Dunkerque with a Student Council, which is mostly responsible for organizing school events. Much of the planning of the 2021 LSAF Student Exchange was the responsibility of a committee of the Student Council, headed by Carlla Goudot.

Members of the student council are, amongst others:

Boating Club

Although named Boating Club, the club is concerned with all sorts of water sports, from windsurfing to sailing to surfing, swimming, waterpolo and so on. Beach sports, like Kyrenaian Footvolley, are a secondary concern.

It is one of the most popular clubs, with 79 members and four attending teachers. Abelka Suffren is the Club's Captain, Marlisa Dambray her second. Under the Boating Club's Ownership is the small vessel Poussin, the whole pride and joy of the club, as well as the 'outpost' by the Marina. Despite the Boating Club operating off the school grounds, the restrictions for wearing uniforms are in effect, much to the students' chargin.

The Swimming Team is headed by Iliane Jacobson, a total of four members swimming in the name of the school.

Literature Club

Music Clubs and School Choir

Bicycle Club

Drama Club

Painters' House

Computer Club

Orienteering Club

Club of the Culinary Arts

Train Club

I like trains.
Unofficial Motto of the Club.

Conservatory Club

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