Macha Taibhse of the Tribe of Louth is a Priestess of Abhcan, Model and Theologian from the depths of the Lake Mór River System, more precisely from Áth.


Macha was born in 1991 in Áth, along the banks of the Mór River, as daughter of a pair of musicians (Alaina and Finnegan Taibhse of the Tribe of Louth, both playing Selkie-Folk), who worked as craftsmen by day. They were not very successful and, over long periods of time, neglected Macha.

She was basically raised by her aunt and neighbour, Ava Deirfiúr of the Tribe of Wexford, who's daughter Siana became a sort-of sister to Macha. The two girls went through thick and thin together, very early, that they would become Priestesses, Macha of Abhcan and Siana of Gavida. The Vixen and the Badger respectively had fascinated them for a long time and, when Macha's parents died in 2000 in a train accident, a pair of priestesses and Siana cared for her soul.

Ava Deirfiúr took custody of Macha in the same year, adopting her a year later - making Macha and Siana real sisters. Macha, however, did not want to change her name and both Ava and Siana agreed.

During the 2007-2008 Winter in the Free Lands, both girls of sixteen Springs, they fought the snow as part of the Younger Militia. They were part of the patrol, that both discovered the Snow-Disaster of Éagann and which got nearly caught up in it.

Macha and Siana graduated in 2010, joining the seminaries of their respective cults in the next Spring, Spring of 2011.

She attended the 2019 Preetz Mittsommer Festival together with Siana, met a few colleagues from Lillorainen and had fruitful discussions.


Macha is a person with a keen sense of hierarchy: Respectful towards superiors, polite towards peers, bossy towards inferiors and aggressive to them all. Her smile, sometimes, had been described as "the smile of a serial killer about to gut you." (By Celina Treoraí.)

Aside of that, she is a pious person, sarcastic and with a black-humoured wit almost bordering on cruelty, although a cuddly drunk as well. As a bit of a short person, that is her berserk button. 

She is a Dísréad-Fan and loves Siana like a sister, without any doubt, doing whatever it takes to see her happy.

Personal Relations

Siana Deirfiúr of the Tribe of Wexford

Siana is like a sister to Macha.

Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth

Celina, when she trained to become a Servant of Abhcan, was trained by Macha, who took a liking to her.

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