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Macha Taise, of Cork Descent is one of the most well-known members of the Spiorad Ainmhithe, a herbalist and model for Bicíní Industries.


Macha and Macha

Taught and befriended Princess Macha (70 BCE-11 BCE) and became her teacher in 62 BCE.

Macha and Áed

In the 4th century, Macha was the girlfriend of High King Áed the Hunter, 'introducing him into manhood', as she notes. During their relationship, she accompanied him to many important occassions.

Mercenary Life

1226 to 1230: Part of the Merchant Guild of Leuda's Delegation in Melapolis (Milabul) and Pontroide (Pontrath) in Lillorainen.

Modern Times

2017: Archipelago Shooting

2019 saw her return to Lillorainen after almost eight centuries, visiting the country with Amy Laoch of the Tribe of Dundalk.


Macha with her violet contact lenses and a fox.

Old and wise, she is never shy to give advice, especially not when asked, but . Relying on centuries upon centuries of wisdom, she

Her other side is a playful and teasing woman, who loves to play with foxes. One could assume a certain affiliation with the Cult of Abhcan, but she is a firm follower of their own Paganism.

Personal Relations

Princess Macha

High King Áed the Hunter

Áed and her, from the beginning in 323 to his death in 338, had a rather liberal relationship. He was still allowed to hunt for women to warm his bed, she was, too. The risk of a pregnancy was, due to her nature as a Spiorad Ainmhithe, low.

Celina Sloroimh of the Tribe of Cork

Celina converted her to wearing contact lenses from time to time.