The Machine Gun, Heavy, Model 2015 (or MGHM 2015 for short) is Gabha's reply to the need of the SDF-Army for a modern heavy machine gun, which is capable of being transported by troops, and primarily to be used by them, or mounted on vehicles, usable in a support role, as an anti-aircraft weapon or even as a weapon against light armoured vehicles. Gabha delivered.


The MGHM 2015 is an air-cooled and fed with non-disintegrating belts heavy machine gun, which operates via a rotating bolt driven by long-stroke gas piston. The barrel can be easily detached and exchanged, if need should arise, just as the machine gun itself is easily to take apart and clean, which should be done regularly despite the rugged and steadfast design. A flat muzzle brake and flash hider is installed at the end.

The barrel itself is made from reinforced stainless steel with octogonal grooving, very much like other weapons produced by Gabha, such as the MGLM 2009, use them, with the internal workings made of normal stainless steel. Stock and grip were made of polymers over a light steel frame.

By standard configuration, the MGHM 2015 can be fed from the right, but also can be set up to be fed from the left, which matters relatively little to the gun itself as all spent cases are ejected through the receiver, downwards. Due to the muzzle brake's design and several buffers, the MGHM 2015's recoil is reduced to levels bearable by a normal person for a sustained amount of time.

Designed primarily to be used by moving infantry, seeing that both gun itself and bipod are light enough to be carried by one person, although usually two do the job, the MGHM 2015 is equipped with a pistol grip and a manual charging handle, which can easily be interfaced with vehicle mounts, including most remote weapon stations.

Chambered for the 12.7x108mm rounds used in heavy machine guns of the SDF since ever (quite literally), the MGHM 2015 can also be fed with 12.7x99mm rounds, also known as .50 BMG, for interchangeability and ease of operations.

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