The Machine Gun, Light, Model 2009 (MGLM 2009) is a bullup light machine gun designed to be used in close spaces like houses.


The MGLM 2009 is a bullup squad support weapon, designed to provide fire support to infantry sections. As such, it is a relatively light, high powered weapon using the same gas-operated rotating bolt as the CAM 2008. Development began in 1999, at the same time as the LRM 2006, and suffered from the same problems, mostly the high costs.

This problem was solved in the same was as with the LRM 2006, less elusive materials. Due to the higher stress put on the barrel, reinforced stainless steel with octogonal grooving was used, while the internal workings are made of normal stainless steel. Like with the LRM 2006, stock and grip are made of polymers over a frame of light steel.

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