Mahmut Sadma is a musician, playing Hot Metal and a former soldier of the RKA. He served two tours with the Kyrenaian Peacekeeping Mission in the Kupandukira Civil War, 2010 and 2014, with the 99th Light Brigade.

Especially the latter deployment, the chaotic situation within the country, as well as enforcing the peace, caused a severe case of PTSD. He was honourably discharged with full pension in 2015 and began to make music, his songs trying to deal with his trauma. He does not do live concerts, but his albums sell well.



In 2018, he became spokesman for the Kupandukira Veterans' Association, a task, which he took on with diligence.


Personal Relations

Razia Wasima

One of the very few friendships he has is with his fellow Hot Metal Musician Razia Wasima, who introduced him to his manager and other artists. Her band often plays the background for his recordings, which they do with pleasure. He is grateful to her.

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