Mahmut al-Zahir is the current Grand Vizier of Kyrenaia.

An old man,


- followed on Grand Vizier Adil Nasir - once married to the sister of Ilkhan Idris, now widowed He retired on the 21st of January 2019.


- old and wise

- was a good dancer in his youth

- loves to teach and to learn


Personal Relations

Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris

His nephew is al-Zahir's whole pride and joy,

Idris, Ilkhan of Sarepta

The relations with his prospective brother-in-law had always been tense,

Razia Sultana Umm Albilad

Old friends, the Sultana and her Grand Vizier are amicable with each other,

Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi

Often partners when going to stately functions, Princess Dschamilla and Grand Vizier al-Zahir developed a good report with each other,

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