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Mahmut al-Zahir is a retired Grand Vizier of Kyrenaia, having stepped down in January 2019.

An old man,he nowadays mostly concerns himself with his rose garden, his his nephew and the greenhouses of the Darqaeidin-Palace.


  • 1956-1962: Yatagan Boys' Academy, Ugarit
    • 1958: spoke in front of Kian-Sultan for more lessons in English and less in Mathematics in the public curriculum - the Sultan listened, but denied his request, did promise a bright future, however
  • followed on Grand Vizier Adil Nasir
  • once married to the sister of Ilkhan Idris, now widowed
  • He retired on the 21st of January 2019.
    • Got the Darqaeidin-Palace as a gift for his long service to the Sultanate


  • old and wise
  • was a good dancer in his youth
  • loves to teach and to learn

Personal Relations

Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris

His nephew is al-Zahir's whole pride and joy,

Idris, Ilkhan of Sarepta

The relations with his prospective brother-in-law had always been tense,

Razia Sultana Umm Albilad

Old friends, the Sultana and her Grand Vizier are amicable with each other,

Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi

Often partners when going to stately functions, Princess Dschamilla and Grand Vizier al-Zahir developed a good report with each other,

Shirin Waradra

Personal Handmaiden at the Darqaeidin-Palace.