Mairin Airgead of the Tribe of Cavan is a student at the Iris Boarding School Complex and a member of its Sensha-Do Team. She is also a part of the Swimmer Team's Reserve.


Mairin is the daughter of two ranchers in the Nosey, a desolate area in the North-West of the Mainland. It is a remote area even by Selkie-Standards. Her parents raise cattle up there, Mairin having helped them until she was ten Springs old. By then, she was took the entrance exam for the Iris Boarding School Complex - although she was not the best at school, she had hopes for the exam and was rewarded by acceptance into the Academy.

Mairin is set to graduate in 2021. After her graduation, she wants to study.


Mairin is a calm and mature young woman, almost motherly,

Personal Relations

Layla and Ava

Her dorm-mates are close to Mairin's heart and

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