The Majestic-class Boat is a result of the request for development of the Swasoms Knight Navy to Silverport Dockyards Limited. As a small sailing boat, it is not only to be used as the patrol vessel it was intended to be, but also as a pinnace for larger yachts, as a fishing boat from small harbours, both private and economic, and in a wide variety of roles, both commercial, governmental and private.

The Majestic-class Boat is distributed by Silverport Dockyards Limited and was developed in cooperation between Yard 15 and Bád Industries Limited, who usually build and produce the pinnaces and yawls of SDY-vessels, be they military or civilian.


The Majestic-class Boat is a monohull design, sixteen meters long (not including the bowsprit, which can be folded), with a beam of 4.8 meters and a draught of 1.4 meters (centreboard not included). The hull is built of fibreglass with aluminium masts and booms, while the deck is planked, generally v-shaped with a hard chine and a square stern, stabilized by a centreboard in place of a keel.

Steering power is provided by both the sails themselves and a hydraulic steering gear mounted immediately forward of the transom. For additional propulsion in case of a windless day, the Majestic-class Boat comes with davits and a push plate astern capable of holding a dinghy. Between the davits, provisions for carrying a small hydrographic dipping sonar or fishing sonar are fitted. Along the sides, the Majestic-class Boat carries provisions to be equipped with additional fishing equipment.

Ahead of the mast, a watertight hatch leads into the larger room of the inner workings of the Majestic-class Boat, mainly into the areas used for housing passengers, equipment, stores and the crew of the vessel, four people being completely sufficient to operate the vessel. Abaft of the mast, a second small hatch leads into a second, far smaller room to be used as a storeroom, both for cargo and passengers, as well as a maintenance access to the rudder and the secondary power generator.

The rigging is, according to a foreign sailing expert seeing the prototype at work, typically for a sloop with one jib and one jib-headed mainsail, both on the twenty-three meters high mast with a long boom. Provisions to climb the mast as seen necessary are provided, especially since at the top both a flag and a satellite uplink for both data transmissions and GPS are fitted, as well as a radio antenna. Power aboard is generated by the same measure as the ship is driven forward: Wind. A small wind generator with a diameter of one meter is fitted on top of the mast, providing the power for all the systems aboard and storing unneeded power in a battery pack underneath the mast. As a secondary power source, the vessel is fitted with a small Hydrogenerator, capable of extracting up to 450 Watts from the forward motion of the vessel, when the centreboard is lowered.

The Majestic-class Boat can be maintained with little to no naval facilities, most of its mechanical and electrical equipment is designed to be maintained by a car mechanic, if necessary, and with its light weight, the Majestic-class Boat can be pulled ashore relatively easily.

SDY offers the service of getting a figurehead beneath the bowsprit, at costs to be negotiated with the woodcarver.


People say, that as much as Selkie are born for the saddle, they are born for the sea – and from the sea as well, if the old myths are true.

As such, Selkie always had a deep connection to the sea and to seafaring, braving the oceans when others merely trudged along their homely short and never left land out of sight.

For millennia, wind and sails were the only ways of propulsion any kind of vessel had besides rowers, until engines of steam and fuel and electricity came along and made the old methods obsolete in almost every occupation – almost.

In certain areas, be it geographic areas or economic, sailing boats were kept and are still used, although mostly for recreation. As such, we never really went out of business when it came to building sailing boats, but as the Majestic-class Boat took shape, it was a bit of a challenge due to the unique needs of the customer.

This specific class of boats is based on the Seol, a type of sail-fishing vessel still used along the shores of the Free Lands and the Archipelago, as well as up in Northern Islands with a few modifications. The originals were, and sometimes still are as traditional craftsmen still build their boats in accordance with their inherited knowledge and skill, of wood, nails and corresponding materials.

The design was adopted and modified by Bád Industries Limited in accordance with the needs of the Swasoms Knight Navy and Silverport Dockyards Limited, who is including them into the offers for all appropriate civilian vessels as dinghies, side-boats and yawls.

As news of the new boat spread in the corresponding circles in the Free Lands, several orders were placed by private persons.

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