The Malaca-class Destroyer was the first major class of warships built after the Decolonization Wars and soon turned out to be a workhorse.

The first unit, RKN Malaca, was commissioned in 1970 and are planned for decommissioning and scrapping from 2020 onwards, being replaced by the Meninx-class Destroyer.




Service History

Despite the plans to replace the entire destroyer force with these vessels, the acquisition was put on hold with the budget cuts affected by Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad starting in 1973. In the end, only 20 of originally 220 planned units were built. In order to still replace the overworked and overaged destroyers from the Decolonization Wars, the RKN enhanced the existing Pattern K and L Corvettes to develop the Pattern M Frigate, conventionally powered and way cheaper. Although the Naval Establishment still didn't receive the numbers they wanted, the Pattern M Stopgap proved to be effective.


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