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Mangaire Dealership Company Limited is a company with the Cíochbheart House near Traverse as main seat. Unofficially aligned with Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, the company led and founded by Eoin Mangaire of the Tribe of Wexford has around 100 employees, plus a number of associated companies.

One of these companies is the Bristeach Company, under Captain Áed Bristeach of the Tribe of Navan, the other major one the Murlachdubh Company.

Aside from the equipment from Gabha, Mangaire deals in the surpluses and extras of a number of companies and armed forces, including that of the Lutetiian Armed Forces.


Founded in 1979, by Finnegan Mangaire of the Tribe of Wexford, the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited was always defined as Gabha's less legal side company.

In August 2020, Mangaire bought a variety of vehicles in the surplus sales of the Balgariian Armed Forces, namely two hundred UAZ-469M Utility Cars and one hundred ZIL-131 General Purpose Trucks. These vehicles were modified and modernized in workshops in Lahharenyu into the Sanhama Motorworks SM-91 Light Army Vehicle and the Sanhama Motorworks SM-92 Heavy Army Vehicle and variants.

In February 2020, Mangaire bought surplus from the Army of Catarra in the form of 190 AMX-30CR2 and 14 AMX-30D tanks for 35.7 million NSD - the delivery was redirected to Lahharenyu, where the vehicles were to be modified. However, before any of the work could even begin, the company received a generous offer for the vehicles from the Empire of Astares Amauricanum, which bought the majority of the vehicles for 300,000 NSD a piece. Ten of the tanks and four of the armoured recovery vehicles were kept by the company as per the promises made towards the Lionae.

Notable Employees