Marie Pellot is one of Nouvelle-Dunkerque's most popular musicians, singing in the genres of Power Metal and Sacral Metal. Although she also plays the Electric Guitar, she rarely plays it on stage.

Known for her symphonic sound and powerful choruses, which create a theatrical feel to her music, Pellot's songs tend to sound like anthems, uplifting and light ones, even if the subject matter is rarely light.


Born in 1996 in Nouvelle-Dunkerque, Pellot was born into a family having much to do with music. Her Father is an organ builder, one of the best, while her mother is a housewife and chief of the choirs of the nearest church, the Eglise de Sainte Madeleine.

There, Pellot began to sing in 1999, in the Hatchling Choir. 

She had her breakthrough in 2015,  In 2019, her album Continuez à marcher!, Keep marching on!, came out, a concept album set in the times of the Bishops' Rule, most specifically in the Wars of the Orthodoxies. the first single from the album, La Fin des Guerres (The End of Wars), became a number one hit in Nouvelle-Dunkerque.



Pellot is a pious young woman, who is consolidated in her faith and can defend it - however, she also knows, when her words are wasted. She knows, that she belongs to a minority in her faith, a very small one, so she defends it with all the more fervor.

Personal Relations

Background Musicians

Marie is very respectful towards her background musicians, well aware, that she would not be, where she is, without them.

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