The Marine-Schützen-Korps, or MSK for short, is the naval infantry corps of the Imperial Navy, which has multiple missions, from protecting ships and shore installations of the Imperial Navy to security of ambassadorial missions abroad (the security of embassies abroad is taken care of by the Imperatorengarde) and forming landing parties and amphibious invasions of enemy lands. A total of around 25,000 officers and men serve with the MSK.

Generally, the MSK uses the Equipment of the Imperial Army in infantry-combat, including the Karabiner Modell 1899 and the Patrone Modell 1900. Women are only accepted into the MSK as nurses, field medics and office clerks, but not as frontline troopers.


Structure in 1930

  • Kommandeur, MSK
    • Ausbildungsregiment MSK (training regiment)
    • MSK-Bataillon zbV (special detachment for security of ambassadorial missions abroad)
    • Schiffszüge (platoons of the MSK stationed on ships, usually manning light AA-guns)
    • Logistikzentrum MSK (logistics)
      • Transportflotte (transport fleet, only short-range vessels - hospital and troop ships are under the fleet's authority)
    • MSK-Medizinzentrum (medical headquarters of the MSK)
    • Kommandeur der Küstensicherung
    • 1. Marine-Schützen-Regiment (MSR 1)
    • 2. Marine-Schützen-Regiment (MSR 2)
    • 3. Marine-Schützen-Regiment (MSR 3)
    • 4. Marine-Schützen-Regiment (MSR 4)
    • 5. Leichtes Marine-Schützen-Regiment (MSR 5)
Equipment of the Imperial Navy
Battleships: Eyckenbaum-class Battleship, Imperatrix Gundel class Battleship, Bucks-class Fast Battleship
Battlecruisers/"The heavy cavalry of the Fleet": Feuerreiter-class Battlecruiser, Tauläufer-class Battlecruiser, Furtenland-class Battlecruiser
Aircraft Carriers: Waldschatten-class Aircraft Carrier (under construction), Early Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Navy


Cruisers/"The light cavalry of the Fleet": Prinzessin-class Cruiser, Stadt-class Scout Cruiser,
Destroyers: Zerstörer 1925 (Z-151 to Z-210, 60 units), Einheitszerstörer a.k.a. Zerstörer 1918 (Z-121 to Z-150, 30 units) and Zerstörer 1915 (Z-113 to Z-130, 18 units), Zerstörer 1910 (42 units, Z-71 to Z-100 decommissioned, Z-101 to Z-112 in service)
Frigates/Flottenbegleiter: Flottenbegleiter 1928
Torpedo Boats: Torpedoboot 1922

Supply and Support Vessels

Mine Warfare Vessels:
Replenishment Oilers:
Hospital Ships:
Depot Ships:
Ammunition Ships:
Other: SIM Kloster Garremach (training ship, under construction), Unterstützungsboot 1917 (support boat)

Other Equipment

Battleship Artillery: Modell 24 Fd. 25 Gun (45.5 cm gun), Modell 22 Fd. 22 Gun (40 cm gun)
Fd. 19.5 Guns (35.5 cm guns): Modell 18 Fd. 19.5 Gun, Modell 28 Fd. 19.5 Gun
Cruiser Artillery: Modell 25 Fd. 8.25 Gun (15 cm gun)
Fd. 11 Guns (20 cm guns): Modell 10 Fd. 11 Gun, Modell 15 Fd. 11 Gun, Modell 21 Fd. 11 Gun, Modell 28 Fd. 11 Gun
Destroyer Artillery:
Fd. 5.5 Guns (10 cm guns): Modell 11 Fd. 5.5 Gun, Modell 18 Fd. 5.5 Gun, Modell 26 Fd. 5.5 Gun (dual purpose mount)
For destroyers with delusions of grandeur: Modell 25 Fd. 8.25 Gun
Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Modell 31 Fd. 2 Gun (36 mm AA-gun, in development), Modell 20 Fd. 1.4 Gun (2.55 cm AA-gun), Modell 26 Fd. 5.5 Gun (10 cm gun, dual purpose mount)
Torpedoes: Fd. 24.7 Aerial Torpedo (450 mm torpedo), Fd. 33.5 Torpedo (610 mm torpedo)
Rockets: Rockets of the Imperial Navy
Mines: Naval mines of the Imperial Navy
Aircraft: List of Aircraft in service with the Imperial Armed Forces
Radar: In development
Sonar: Present and accounted for

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