Major Marla Éan of the Tribe of Cork is an officer of the SDF-Army and commanding officer of III./11th Dragan-Regiment.


Commander, 7th Company, III./11th Regiment of Dragoons, then Commander, III./11th Dragan-Regiment

posed as a model for the SDF-Army Uniforms

participated in Operation Spartacus.


Excellent markswoman with her Gabha R-15,

Personal Relations

Nesrin Elba


Marla Éan of the Tribe of Cork, ranked Lieutenant back then, with Nesrin Elba, ranked Sergeant back then, with their graduation class.

Ever since Éan and Elba trained a class of police snipers together, the two were friends of each other

Finnegan Dóire of the Tribe of Sligo

Despite what many say, between the two officers, there is a friendship and not much more.

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