Marla is an animated TV-Show, originally made in the 90s and remade in the 2010s by Sicín Studios. In 2016, the show was accepted by LegionTV for international broadcasting.

In 2017, Silverport Dockyards Limited named a class of Offshore Patrol Vessels after the character Corrán, with the Water Polices naming their first units of this class after more characters of the show. A delegation of voice actors and animators was present at the comissionings, with Corrán's VA Finnegan Aisteoir of the Tribe of Wexford holding the speech and commissioning Corrán to its mission.


Marla, a young female Fire Fennek, lives in Fortham, is part of a loving family - but that is not enough for the rather adventurous little Fire Fennek, as she sets out with her friends to have adventures and fun along the way, helping those in need and growing, both as persons and up. Along the way, they meet friends, foes, people who like them and those who do not.

Together, Marla and her friends solve the odd mystery as well, see legends in action, travel the length and breadth of the Free Lands, and beyond (at least in the first feature film), or just have everyday fun together.

Important Characters

Marla, the Fire Fennek

The titular character, a bit inexperienced in the ways of the world, but adventurous, curious and willing to learn about everything. She's easy to get along with, a bit shy, if not afraid, when it comes to water, but she loves to play in the snow. She does not like to be looked down on, the fire in her chest burning with passion and energy.

Marla lives with a good family, which technically owns her, but she is of a rather free spirit, something the family mostly accepts. She loves them dearly, especially the younger members, who's own adventures sometimes lead to hers.

Fynn, the Guarding Fox

Fynn is the loveable, slightly dorky friend of Marla, living basically next door. He is intelligent, older and experienced, and has a keen protective instinct, especially when his friends and family are concerned. It is rather easy to get acquainted with him, but he is very slow to trust, as Corrán gets to know on multiple occassions. He is a sort-of big brother figure to Marla.

He's part of a young family, who just got their first child. He loves them dearly, as do they, but their attention is currently solely focussed on the young one, which gives him opportunity to have his own little adventures.

Corrán, the Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf Corrán is a major character by the virtue of not being a minor character either. He does not belong to Marla's Friends per say, but he is in contact with them more often then not. He's not an antagonist either, not strictly speaking.

Corrán belongs to a young woodworker, an apprentice in these arts, who found in him a loyal companion and someone, who shares a whole lot of his character. Both are the strong and silent types, tough males, but not without their needs for comfort. While his 'owner' is not entirely mentally stable (only alluded to, nothing bad is shown), Corrán is sometimes simply a jerk, who still has a good heart. He loves calm evenings in front of a fireplace, if it is snowing outside serves only to sweeten the deal.

In a way, Corrán is a play on the character type of the Bad Boy with a Golden Heart. Marla and Gwen both may or may not have a thing for him.

Stuama, the old Star Lynx

Stuama is the old and wise Star Lynx living in the Rún Forest, an old and wise mentor figure, never short of a good advice - but one should beware her fangs. In her youth, she was quite an adventurer, travelling far and wide, and has kept the odd surging up of this, which causes more then one adventure for Marla and her friends.

In the remake, she is voiced by Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork.

Dubh, the Little Black Fox

A mischievous little fellow, Dubh is less a friend of Marla then an annoyance. He is constantly in mischief, mostly of the harmless kind, but also sometimes of the not so harmless kind - which is the beginning of several of the adventures of Marla and Company.

The High King, a Red-White Eagle

The High King is the undisputed ruler of the skies above Fortham, a large bird and a wise one at that. He dispenses judgement amongst the animals living in and around the town, as well as Lake Mór, which is accepted by anyone. He lives in the tower of the local temple of Carman Fea, where a young Priestess tends to him.


Remade in the 2010s with hand-drawn characters and cel-shaded backgrounds, the company produced the third season by 2016 and a feature film, with a fourth season and a second feature film released in 2018.

Critical Reception

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