Marla Comhlacht of the Tribe of Monaghan was a Selkie-Mercenary in the 18th century. Her horse's name was Gaoth (Wind).



Marla is an intelligent woman, resistant against the cold due to her upbringing in the Northern Islands, as well as a quick thinker. She loves Gaoth, her horse, as he is the only thing reminding her of her family. She is not the type, that will seek glorious death in battle, though, and who will not throw away her life for a job. She listens to advice given to her by ther mercenary leaders, especially when they are as experienced or more experienced then her.

Marla, as a field commander, is well aware of the constraints of logistics and cabin feaver, as well as the need and will to do things, strategic aspects of leading cavalry. Tactically, she is not bad either, preferring her cavalry's speed over the slowness of infantry, but well-aware of its limitations, but she doesn't excel, leaving specific aspects of leading the troops to her appointed unterlings. She also prefers well thought-out plans over rash action.

Personal Relations

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