Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork is a Marcach (specialized in the arts of the Sword and the Lance) and Ambassador of the Selkie, as well as Captain of the Swordmaidens. She also works as her sister's stuntwoman and sometimes even actress in her own right (though usually in association with her sister).

Her horse's name is Cleite and he is a Bratach Ríoga. Her main residence is Caighdeán House in Woodtown, with a flat in Fortham.


Born in 1990 in Woodtown near Riverwood, Marla was born as the younger sister to Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork, both women being the daughters of Tyran Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork and his late wife Maev Baintreach of the Tribe of Cork. The two got to know each other in school and soon fell in love, Tyran 'winning' their first date during a swordfighting competition, which they both fought at.

Marla joined the Youth League in 2000, the Conradh in 2005 as both a swordswoman and a lancer. In the same year, at the Spring Festival that saw her becoming of age, her mother gifted her with a silver necklace with a turquoise laid into it, which she sees as her most valuable possession by emotional worth. A few hours later, during the fencing tournament, her mother died in an accident.

Driven by her desire to match her mother's success, she began to compete on horseback and in the regional competitions, soon becoming the top of the Mór-Land. As she stormed the cups on blazing hooves, preferring her mother's sword, she grew in popularity, getting more and more well known, although her Father made sure to have her still on her feet or at least her saddle and not drifting off - and in school, something she thanks him for to this day.

She attended High School in Riverwood, at the Doire Girls' High School, which's Younger Militia made her the Captain of the Horse-Swords, which she did until her graduation in 2009. Upon Graduation, she joined the Swordmaidens and began to study Veterinary Medicine in Launceston, specializing in horses, and competing on the side. She made her Bachelor in 2014, then left the University. She became a fully-certified Priestess of Carman Fea in 2015 as part of her obligations as a Swordmaiden.

In 2011, her older sister asked her to star as her stunt double in her movies, which Marla gladly accepted (including cameos from time to time). She also starred along with her sister and her father in 2017's Scriosadh na Lansaí (Lancebreaker for the international market) in a main role, a departure from her usual relationship to acting.

In 2015, the Elder Council asked Marla to become an Ambassador of the Selkie, an honour she was most grateful to accept. She represented her people alongside Donald Críonna of the Tribe of Louth and acted as both his caretaker and partner in many of their diplomatic missions.

In 2016, Marla attended the talks about the COSTAL-Talks in Inyursta, together with Crionna and Vice-Admiral Amy Curadh of the Tribe of Wicklow.

After the incidents in Berlin in 2018, which led to Operation Spartacus, Marla put herself at the free disposal of the Foreign Office's new head Felicia Sciotóg of the Tribe of Monaghan. While waiting for a new assignment as part of Ambassador Group 1, she attended the 2018 Shella Harvest Festival, fighting in the tournament there.

In 2019, she was mostly focused on her career as a Swordfighter, culminating in being the opponent of Llwyd Blaidd, of Tralee Descent during his swordmaster examination during the 2019 Launceston Harvest Festival. Although she was defeated, she earned the respect of the old Spiorad. She also attended the 2019 Ball at Schloss Zyng, attending the diplomatic ball with her partner Áed Gadhair of the Tribe of Fermanagh.

In the following year, she was, again, her sister's stunt double during the filming of Cailibo, or The Cowgirl, where her sister played the young Gwen Lách of the Tribe of Galway during The Crusade. She also got a small cameo appearance as well.


Marla Tournament

Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork in Full Armour and with her sword, Cuimhneachán (Memento).

Marla is a diligent woman, loyal and dutyful, but also loving. Loosing her Mother made her get closer with her sister and her father, the three of them making up a close unit and a tightly-knit community. They spent at least two weeks together on a family holiday, not mentioning the time they spent together during tournaments and movie shoots.

As an Ambassador, her job is to pretent to be eye-candy, a job she can fulfill, while listening and being the attendant to Crionna - with him retiring, her job is in need of rethinking.

Despite her small bust, she does not suffer from breast envy.

Her sword's name is Cuimhneachán (Memento), in memory of her late mother.

Personal Relations


Donald Críonna of the Tribe of Louth

Leonard Lách of the Tribe of Galway

Áed Gadhair of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Liliane Lile of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Liliane and Marla share a mutual competitive and professional hate for each other and try to avoid each other like pestilence.

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