Marla Eitleoir of the Tribe of Fingal is an aviator and air racer from the Free Lands, who participated in NASJAR 1 and NASJAR 2 for the Free Lands.


Marla comes from a family of aviators, some of them military aviators, others not. Her grandfather, Commander Finnegan Cailpís of the Tribe of Monaghan, was one of the pilots flying the Fabhcún, the first jet fighter in service with the SDF, while her mother, Gwen Eitleoir worked as a test pilot for Sciathan for a long time.

She was, quite literally, born on an airfield.

Making her Glider-License with 10, prop-plane license with 15 and Jet License with 20, it was clear, that she saw her own future in the skies and not on the ground. She soon switched to motorized airplanes, developing a liking for flying vintage fighterplanes. Although she was often asked, whether or not she wanted to join an airline or even the SDF instead of flying as a hobby aside from school, she always scoffed at the very thought and idea...

...only to, upon graduation, join a stunt team as their pilot for everything with wings and propellers. Her grandfather, upon that message reaching him, laughed out loud.

As part of that team, she worked with them in several movies, both as an actress, aircamerawoman and stunt-pilot, and is scheduled to work with them in several to come, amongst them as a seaplane pilot in the film version of Abhcan's Little Daggers.

Racing with planes is nothing new to her as well, from her first forays into that after being spurred on by fellow flight students to several air races in the Free Lands, she had participated in quite a few. Her own personal lucky number, the 14, has stayed with her through most of it.

In 2018, she was ranked sixth in the final standings of NASJAR 1, participated in NASJAR 2 in the year following that and flew in the air show during the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival.


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