Marla Taistealaí of the Tribe of Louth was a Selkie-Marcach and mother of Princess Aurelia bint-Damir, as well as lover of Prince Damir ibn-Razia. Her Uncle was Donald Críonna of the Tribe of Louth.


Her mother is Alaina Taistealaí of the Tribe of Louth, the proprietor of the Rialta Inn of Seabhcóir.

In 2000, while he was on a state visit to the Free Lands with his Mother, she got to know Prince Damir, at the time in his punk phase - they fell in love and, a year later, in 2001, Aurelia was born.

She died in a riding accident in late 2012, leaving her daughter to be taken to Kyrenaia in early 2013 by her father.


Personal Relations

Prince Damir ibn-Razia

They never married, which is Damir's greatest regret to this day.

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Marla loved her daughter dearly,

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