Marlisa Dambray is a student of the Lycée Saint André pour Filles and the deputy of its Boating Club. While she is a passionate swimmer, she took on the duty of Captain of the Poussin instead of the Club-Captain Abelka Suffren.



Don't underestimate her only because she would fit right in with the elementary schoolers. She is dutiful and smart as anyone else here.
Nanou Thiers, Student Council President LSAF, about Dambray.

Marlisa is an intelligent and diligent young woman, who's main enjoyments are found in the water, be it swimming or bathing or playing in the water.

She is a good student,

Personal Relations

Abelka Suffren


Marlisa, with the Poussin in the background and the ship's cat Évêque.

To her Club's Captain, Marlisa has a mixed relationship: Sure, they are friends and work well together, but Marlisa was quite miffed by her shoving Captaincy over the Poussin onto her, as she perceived it. Sure, she was honoured, but she took a while until she understood Abelka's standpoint.
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