The Mealltach Reconnaissance Tank was introduced in 1950 as a supplement to the Dobhareach Amphibious Tracked Vehicle and a replacement of the Ruathar Fast Tank. They fulfilled a similar role during the times of the Cosaint MBT and became the SDF-Army's sole 'tank' aside from the Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicle. The Mealltach was planned and used as a reconnaissance vehicle and optimized for that role as well.

In 1985, the last units were decommissioned with the SDF-Army, but they are still operated by the Seabhac, the Sensha-Do Team of the Binn Boarding School Complex near Launceston. Aside from that, the Museum of Armoured Warfare in Maleth has two Mealltachs in working condition.


Inspired by the massive Kyrenaian Muharib Infantry Tank, several engineers and planners in the Free Lands began to think about a smaller, albeit equally heavily armed platform, which would be able to withstand the newer versions of the Squartatore Assault Tanks and their heavier Modello di artiglieria di fanteria del 1928. Projected, at first, were 80 mm of sloped frontal armour, but the vehicle proved to be too heavy.

In the final production model, 50 mm of sloped front armour at 50 degrees, with 30 mm thick plates on the sides and rear and 23 mm belly plates. To increase the cross-country performance, the vehicle was fitted with 660 mm wide tracks, similar to the ones used on the Muharib Infantry Tank, and wider then the originally projected 500 mm wide tracks.

For the Gabha G-18 47mm Anti-Tank Gun, 50 rounds were carried.

Mark II

The biggest change of Mark II, introduced in 1963, was a new main armament, as the G-18 was rather insufficient against heavier tanks - while the Mealltach was not designed to defend itself against tanks, the 47mm gun was still insufficient. First experiments with the Gabha G-80 76mm Gun proved successful and, due to financial constraints, the project to develop and install a 90 mm or even larger gun were abandoned.

Mark III

Mark IV

Mark V

Service History

The Threat of the Gruppo di Attacco di Cavalleria Pesante

Humanitarian Mission of the SDF to Kupandukira (1965-1975)

Unrest of 1975

Second Vellenge War (1983)

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