Megido is the capital of the Ilkhanate of the same name, a metropolis of fifteen million people in the entire urban area.

One of the most remarkable sights, and centre of the city, is the Palace of the Ruby Hall, seat and centre of Government, palace of the Ilkhan of Megido and, if the Ilkhan of Megido is elected as Sultan by his peers, Seat of the Sultan.


- settled around 9,000 BCE



Megido is situated at the shore of Lake Tahul, where the Rayid River meets Lake Tahul - making Megido the ideal hub for the Tahul River System.



Palace of the Ruby Hall

Ruby Hall

The Palace of the Ruby Hall, seen from the tidelands south-west of it. The dome is above the Ruby Hall itself.

The Palace of the Ruby Hall is the centre of government of the Ilkhanate.




Al-Khansa Girls' Academy and Durra'ah Boys' Academy

University of Megido

Megido is home to a large university, the University of Megido, which is famed for many of its professors and alumni, one of the oldest institution of that kind in Kyrenaia.


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