This article talks about the modern Town- or Meninx-class Destroyers. For the vessels in service from 1932 to 1969, see Town-class Destroyer (1932-1969).

The Meninx-class Destroyer, also known as the Town-class Destroyer, alternatively as Meninx-class Light Cruiser or Twon-class Light Cruiser, is one of the most advanced vessel classes of the Sultan's Navy and its newest workhorse and escort for many of its capital ships. The first units were commissioned in 1990, following on the Malaca-class Destroyer.


Service History


Vessels are named after cities and towns in Kyrenaia.

With Carrier Group 5

  • RKN Sabrata.
  • RKN Serdica.
  • RKN Onoba.
  • RKN Ibossim.
  • RKN Caralis.
  • RKN Mtarfa.
  • RKN Abdera.
  • RKN Carchemish.

With Fleet Group Nazar

  • RKN Arados.
  • RKN Sinope.
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