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Menyz, officially the Federal Republic of Menyz, is a country on Aranna with a total population of 58.4 million people.

Until 1843, Menyz was part of the Ahuan Realm, but separated in a short and very bloody war of independence, which lasted until 1850. As Ahua geared up for war in 1940, Menyz was thus on their list of conquests, which worried many people.


Until becoming part of the Ahuan Empire

Under the Empire

Rebellion, Revolt and Fight for Freedom (1843-1850)

Centralized Republic (1853-1906)

Federal Republic (1906-)

  • short time of unrest, but not civil war - constitutional reforms




The head of state is the Attakuni, the Father of the State, a certain Oda Laiw, who died in 1863. The office, by constitution, will be left unfilled. Filling both the de facto role of Head of State and Head of Government is Rich Haudid,

Allowed to vote, and be elected, are all male citizens above 25 years of age, who hold property. This censitary suffrage has been under attack by

Important People

  • Head of State/Attakuni (literally 'Father of the State'): Oda Laiw.
  • Head of Government: Chancellor Rich Haudid.

Foreign Relations


Armed Forces: The Republican Armed Forces

See Main Article: Republican Armed Forces.

The Republican Armed Forces maintain a total of two seaplane tenders and ten monitors in addition to a number of smaller support vessels designed to be used on the many rivers and lakes of the country as part of the Water Divisions.

Much of the equipment of the Armed Forces is either imported from abroad, like the KavWa-6s from Teressien, or produced under license.


Primary Sector

Menyz is dominated by the primary sector, agriculture, mining and forestry being the main employers of the country.

Secondary Sector

Menyz only has a limited industrial base, which isn't really powerful either.

The east of the country is dominated by a sizeable wool industry, from the sheep over the fabrics to the finished clothing being produced on the wide an sweeping plains of the Brandaba (between Sinntha, Sailliss, Faihu and Bargs. The good relations between Menyz, Bargs and Hrohasa allow for the export of the finished products via the Bargua with all three sides profiting from it.

Another important industry is the Oil Shale Industry, which is mined in open pits around Ceval and Iya. It is refined into Diesel Fuel locally, which is then exported all over Aranna or used locally.

Tertiary Sector