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The Merchant Guild of Leuda, MGoL for short, is the primary association of merchants in the Free Lands and holder of the Merchant Navy. Under its authority falls most of the inner transfer of wares within the Free Lands, excepting peddlers, and the entire foreign trade of the Free Lands.

For international trade, the MGoL uses the NSD, within the Free Lands the Gil.


From 1052 to 1412, the Merchant Guild of Leuda operated Trading Branches in Lillorainen, even during the time of the Crusade.

From 1638, they had a major competitor in the Teressian Seehandlungsgesellschaft. First clashes occurred in the 1660s.

The MGoL and the Free Lands

In the 1930s, the status of the MGoL was still unclear,



Under authority of the Guild, a merchant is someone, who buys goods at one place and ships them in one way or the other to another place to sell them to either retailers, other merchants, companies or governments.

Policies - the Merchant's Honesty

In peace, seek profit. In war, seek profit. Inbetween, seek profit. But never allow profit to stand in the way of your conscience. Profit without conscience is a silver cage of Gils falling onto your head.
The Guildbook of Shane Bunaitheoir of the Tribe of Wicklow, the Founder of the Merchant Guild of Leuda.

The Merchant Guild of Leuda, while seeing Free Trade as a "nice thing", stands for fair trade, just trade, meaning trade, where the customer is treated with fairness and honesty, making an equal trade, from which both sides profit. That establishes a sustainable, profitable and enduring trade relationship.

This has to be brought about by the merchant him- or herself.

That may result in the merchant making less profit in one go, no quick buck, but lasting buck, but in both sides going away happily.


The Guild is led by six Guild Masters, all of which lead one of the Committees,

Grain Committee

Arms Committee

Ore Committee

Important Companies under the Authority of the Guild

Important Representatives