Mhairi Maighdean of the Tribe of Kildare, nicknamed Waari, is a musician and Ambassador Group Member. She was involved in several diplomatic occassions in the past.


Born in 1992 in Leuda, Waari very soon revealed herself to be a musical prodigy, playing (albeit not mastering) the fiddle at a very early age. Waari's grandparents on both sides are Children of the Great Woods, one of the reasons why she is so often a guest on the Dearmadta Inn's stage. Her father in particular has given her a proud sense of that heritage, her hobby as a herbalist comes from that. She turned famous in 2008, at the tender age of sixteen Springs, when she was

Silverport Dockyards Limited named a class of Minesweepers after her.


Waari absolutely adores children and has a small herb garden, which she tends to in her free time.

Personal Relations

Mairin Leann of the Tribe of Monaghan

With her partner, Waari

Caja Glór of the Tribe of Laois

Her fellow ambassador and musician joined the Ambassador Group Programme with her, both of them approached by Crionna at the same occassion. The two, one a singer, one a fiddler, shared the stage multiple times already before that, often having great fun and wonderful performances.

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