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Mhairi Uasal of the Tribe of Fermanagh is a Selkie-Musician and Ambassador of the Selkie. While she is most famous as singer and guitarist of Dísréad, she has become a well-received solo-artist after the band's dissolution in 2021, playing Selkie Country Music.

She is the middle sister of Celina Uasal and Liv Uasal. Since early 2020, she owns a Grey Wolf by the name of Sreang (string).


Mhairi was born as the middle sister of the owners of a music and instrument store in Riverwood in 1992, four years after her older sister Celina. She quickly discovered her love for music and guitar-playing, but love for something didn't mean adeptness - her way to becoming a good guitarist was long and hard.

She entered school in 1998 and met her future best friend, Eileen on the first day. Over their entire school time, the two would be close, for some time even an item until they discovered, that they worked better as friends. In 2003, she entered Middle School, in 2008 High School, namely the Doire Girls' High School.

Dísréad (2014/2015-2021)

In 2002, as ten year old girls, Eileen and Mhairi founded Dísréad. No one took notice.

The two girls didn't give up, first searching for a genre. Their first sessions were in an unused storeroom of the store of Mhairi's parents and some of their stores customers took a peek to see the two girls playing 'music'. Their first tries were less then stellar. In 2018, a tape recorded by one customer in 2005 surfaced and caused great amusement with the two women, but mostly Mhairi.

From 2008 onwards, the two played on the stages of several inns in the City and the outlying communities, earning a handy pocket money, until they were discovered by a man from the Lipéad Record Company. Their first album was released in 2009. Their big breakthrough came in 2014 and 2015, when they were playing an unplugged concert on Radio Cornwall 3.

Since then, they released an album every year, both women writing songs together.

In 2019, they played at the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival and at the 2019 Preetz Mittsommer Festival.

On the 8th of December 2020, the band announced via social media, that both members were tested positively and quarantined. However, while Mhairi remained mostly unaffected, Eileen came down with COVID very hard, not only getting hooked up to a respirator, but also being put in an artificial coma. Released with all signs pointing at her being recovered late in February 2021, Eileen and Mhairi went back to work early in March. However, Long COVID made it impossible for the duo to continue and, with a heavy heart, Eileen and Mhairi broke up their duo in June.

After Dísréad (2021-)

In 2021, she was named as an Ambassador of the Selkie, replacing Marla Faorach of the Tribe of Cork as the second half of Group 1.

Aside from that...

Aside from being with Dísréad, Mhairi is also quite successful as a solo musician, playing Selkie Country Music on an acoustic guitar in some Inns around Riverwood.

In 2015, she joined the Cabhair Group, together with Eileen. It was her, who had the idea and established the contacts for making the Simplí Album, a Comedy-Rock Collaboration Album for charity.

Since 2010, Mhairi and Eileen make a creative break every year in the Oileánra-Archipelago, three weeks overwintering. In 2019, that led to them attending the 2019 Aftershow Party of the Archipelago Shooting, together with their sisters. It was the first vacation Mhairi had with her sisters in a long time.

In May 2020, she took her sisters on a vacation over the holiday of Borvo's Feast.


Aside from music, Mhairi also likes to collect tabletop figurines, having a small collection. She also paints them, mostly with acrylic paint.

Mhairi is openly bisexual.

Personal Relations

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Eileen and Mona

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