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Minor Former Colonies of Kyrenaia are a number of smaller, former pieces of the Kyrenaian Colonial Empire, which became independent at one point or the other - in the majority of cases, this happened during the Decolonization Wars from 1923 to 1965.

Nations like Markaz or Lahharenyu are not listed here due to these nations having some international acclaim.


Independent since 1957, the Republic of Parannilam almost immediately had to fight internal uprisings - the great enemy, which united all the factions during the War of Independence, was gone. Within the decade, the Republic of Parannilam turned into a hollow puppet and collapsed in 1971 into several successor states:

  • Cutantiram.
  • Malali.
  • Catupram
  • Puliram.
  • Pulvekal.
  • Pankara Katarai.

As per the Mulaam Peace Accords of 1959, Kyrenaia keeps itself out of the internal affairs of Eadhra and its successor states, until newer treaties enabled the forming of diplomatic relations with some of these entities, most notably Pankara Katarai.

In early 2020, following the first cases of the COVID-19 Virus in Cutantiram, the local dictator, President-For-Life Ravi Enrerum, used the chance to introduce new repressive measures against his population, as well as to use the outbreak, and the fact, that the first cases in neighbouring Malali were reported a few days prior, to conduct a propaganda campaign against Malali. Its dictator, General Konturamarka, responded in kind. Political experts believe, that in 2021 or 2022, both countries will be at each other's throats.




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