The Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carrier is the newest class of Aircraft Carriers in service with The Sultan's Navy, the first two units, RKN Mirfae and RKN Eanqa, comissioned in 2018 as part of Carrier Group 5.

The term mirfae describes a crane, as in a bird of the Gruidae-Family.


Deck Layout

  • 5 aircraft launch spots
  • 5 arresting cables and 2 nets
  • Aircraft lifts: 5, 4 for aircraft, 1 for helicopters


In early 2019, the decision was made to only build six instead of the originally planned twelve of these carriers. Budget constraints and a small shift in doctrines towards further enhancing the capabilities of the Hukm-class Aircraft Carriers and the acquisition of Drone Carriers are most commonly cited as reasons.


Names of the Vessels

In Service


  • RKN Hisan, Horse.
  • RKN Bahamut, a mythical sea creature.
  • RKN Shadhavar, a mythical creature, resembles a unicorn in appearance.
  • RKN Falak, a powerful sea serpent and mythical creature.
  • RKN Asham, crow.
  • RKN Riah Alshamal, Northern Wind.
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