The Mobile Amphibious Squadron was formed from the Auxiliary Freighter Group on the 1st of April 2019, when the was also moved from Naval Station Silverport to Naval Station Wembury. Current Commanding Officer is Commodore Doireann Maistreadh of the Tribe of Laois.


Auxiliary Freighter Group (1920-2019)

The Auxiliary Freighter Group was founded with the SDF-Navy in 1920,

One of its most famous vessels during that time is SDFS Miúil,

During the Battle of Marley Bay, the Auxiliary Freighter Group lost several vessels,

Mobile Amphibious Squadron (2019 onwards)

In 2018, plans were presented to reform the Auxiliary Freighter Group to make it smaller and to move it into Wembury for a more proactive role in future operations of the SDF-Navy, a lesson learned from Operation Spartacus, or rather the preparations for it.

On the 1st of April 2019, these changes were initiated. Upon commissioning in June 2019, the Pattern 1199 Lighter Carrier SDFS Annamh, as well as its Bevington-class Gunboats, were attached to the Mobile Amphibious Squadron.



If needed, the Mobile Amphibious Squadron can take aboard units of the SDF-Army and of allied nations for mutual benefit, usually units of the Mobile Forces Command.

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