The Mobile Forces Command, MFC for short, is the main expeditionary force of the SDF-Army, usually with support of the SDF-Navy, and one of its business ends. Usually, it is deployed in humanitarian aid and peacekeeping missiones.

Commanding officer of the MFC is Brigadier Liam Óga of the Tribe of Laois.


The Mobile Forces Command was founded with the organizational changes to the Structure of the Army in 1981, as one of the lessons learned from the Humanitarian Mission of the SDF to Kupandukira.

The MFC during the Second Vellenge War (1983)

It was the MFC, and the II./11th Regiment of Dragoons, which conducted the main push and landings of Operation Summer Sun, the defenses having been softened by commando operations of the Great Woods Rangers and air strikes.

MFC during Operation Spartacus (2018-2020)


Subordinate Units (since 2016)


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