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Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth is the Envoy of Lodan Lir and student at the Naofa Temple School of Traverse.

She lives nowadays near the City of Traverse again, under the care of Amy Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Westmeath and her husband, Tyran Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Westmeath. Her horse's name is Bromach and he is a Strainséir.


Before she became Envoy

Mona was born in 2004 as the third child to Liam and Fiona Beag of the Tribe of Louth in Traverse, with her two older brothers, Leonard and Ferris, being three and four years older then her respectively. Her parents worked for Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, her father as an engineer, her mother once as a caretaker on the artillery firing range.

Despite their work for Gabha, her father owned and loved to sail a small sailing boat, a Seol Type named Aerach, jolly. Oftentimes, he, his wife and his children made small trips and sometimes, in school holidays larger.

The Pirate's Action against the Yacht Aerach

On the 15th of Decembre 2009, during winter break in school, Mona's parents took their children and started a long planned trip to the sandy Gainimh-Islands, where they planned to stay over the most of winter at a safe point.

As it turned out, the point was not as safe as supposed, the Aerach being captured by pirates. Her father died in the initial assault, Leonard being beaten up pretty badly. Ferris, Mona and their mother were surprised in their bunks, captured and were supposed to be enslaved. The Aerach was taken along for further selling.

Over the next few days, Mona and her mother prayed to Lodan Lir for rescue, Leonard dying of his wounds, Ferris trying to escape and being shot in the process. Two of the pirates were hurt in the process, Mona's mother, despite any misgivings, tending to their wounds. Mona, meanwhile, prayed, while her mother protected her from the pirates.

On day four, it paid off as the weather worsened, soon a storm erupting. To ensure her daughter's survival, Fiona Beag locked herself in the cabin with the pirates, sinking with them, while Mona was washed overboard. Clinging to a piece of driftwood, she survived the storm by a miracle and was picked up by a fisherman, who brought her under the medical care of a Priest, who interpreted the Signs and identified her as the next Envoy of Lodan Lir.

This incident also sparked Operation Glantachán, or Operation Clean-Up, the SDF-Navy's intrusion into the area of the (at that time) internationally unclaimed Gainimh-Islands, where the incident happened, and establishing a naval mission there in 2010.

Life as Envoy

In early 2010, Mona was brought to Cuan in all secrecy to be tested, passing the strict and rigorous examinations. From then, she was declared the Envoy of Lodan Lir on the day of the Spring Festival 2010, the other five High Priests accepting... and from there, she was handed from one caretaker to the other, not one agreeing with her and her not agreeing with one, in most cases both.

Even psychological help did not do its job.

In 2011, however, that changed, when she came to Amy Bansagart of the Tribe of Westmeath, a Priestess in the Traverse-Area, a broken girl like her.

With Amy

In 2011, she met Amy and came to her, changing schools for the upteenth time to the Naofa Temple School of Traverse. She was assigned a Guiding Student, Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow, in whom she found a friend. The Servant to Ladra and Mona went through thick and thin together.

It was Mona, who headed the funeral for Ida's One and Only in 2015.

In 2017, she was part of a small diplomatic delegation attending the 30 year anniversary of the Visayan Independence.

In 2019, on the day of the Spring Festival, she was ceremonially married to Lodan Lir, the marriage consummated by a stand-in selected by Aife Cuisle of the Tribe of Wicklow. Mona went through the holy rites and, later that night, made use of her right to consume spirits.

In Spring 2020, Mona was present when the Gainimh-Islands were officially (and by the will of the locals) annexed by the Free Lands.

She is set to graduate in 2023.


Her favourite animals are the White Seal and the Blue Mudskipper. In general, Mona is very much committed to environmental protection and especially protection of the seas. One of her favourite pasttimes is swimming.

Personal Relations

Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow


Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow (left) with Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth, Temple School of Traverse, when both were younger.

Ida, another broken girl, was Mona Guiding Student at the Temple School of Traverse. There, the two of them had a slow start, but they eventually became friends.

Ida and Mona stayed in contact with each other even after the former's graduation. As Ida had joined the Servants of Ladra in 2004, they actually belonged to two Cults, which were close together in myth and tradition.

Amy Bansagart of the Tribe of Westmeath

In all but name and blood, Mona and Amy are sisters, the young Priestess having taken in a broken girl much like herself and helping her heal while healing herself.


The SDF-Navy

The Regiment of SDF-Navy Troopers adopted Mona as their unofficial mascot, calling themselves Mona's Boys.

Tyran Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan

Tyran and Mona are on friendly, heartfelt terms with each other, Mona seeing, that he loved her caretaker and that she loved him just as much. Although she sometimes felt a bit left out, they usually make a point to include her into their activities and do so successfully. At their first meeting, Tyran forewent all protocol and knelt in front of the small, intimidated and afraid girl, a small smile on his lips as he looked at her from eyelevel, which was the prelude to the lax relationship he and her would have.

The staff of Arbhar House, which Tyran is steward of, is also friendly to her. Bromach is of that house as well.

Conchobar Scathamagh of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Conchobar, or Conny as Mona is allowed to call him, is a Marcach and close friend of Mona, as well as a fellow student at the Naofa Temple School.