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Mona Tairseach of the Tribe of Wexford, born as Mona Alhajin of the Tribe of Galway, is a student of History and Geography at the University of Fortham. She is also the daughter of Colonel Ilia Alhajin of the Tribe of Galway. Due to her father's name and reputation, wanting to avoid any favouritism, she goes by her mother's name and Tribe. She also owns a Grey Wolf named Bhuf, who she loves dearly. Mona collects commemorative coins from around the world.

In 2017, she joined the Cult of Ladra as a Servant.


Born in 2002 in Silverport, she is the daughter of Colonel Ilia Alhajin of the Tribe of Galway and his wife Gwen, herself being quarter-Kyrenaian due to her father being a Half-Kyrenaian.

In 2009, her mother died in an accident, her father sending her to the Iris Boarding School Complex, where she attended school until graduation.

Bhuf joined her side in 2012, the Grey Wolf being a gift of her father and her constant companion ever since.

She earned her uniform in 2015 by Academic Achievement. Her great hobbies history and coin collecting allowed her to reorganize and sort the entire catalogue of the coin collection of the Silverport Shipping Museum, with a few surprising revelations.

She joined the Cult of Ladra as a Servant in 2017. Leader of her Training Group was Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow.

Mona spent the school year 2018/2019 at the Redford Academy for Young Ladies in Kuronami, bringing Bhuf along. She planned to stay there for a year.

In 2020, puberty hit her hard. In 2021, she graduated and began studies of History and Geography at the University of Fortham.


Mona in 2016.

Mona is a nice girl, if one is nice to Bhuf, if one isn't, she can be cold and harsh. Without Bhuf as a means of evaluation, she is cautious and careful around strangers.

While she is a Selkie and can ride a horse, she is more inclined towards travelling on foot or, over distances, by train as there are definately better horsemen around. Her favourite subjects are either history or geography, depending on the daily mood. She is an avid collector of coins in general and commemorative coins especially.

Personal Relations


She loves her oversized puppy, as she calls him, dearly, to the point of having him sleep in her bed. When she applied for the Redford Academy, one of her greatest concerns was whether or not she was allowed to bring him along.