The Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber was the standard torpedo bomber of the SDF-Navy in the 1940s and early fifties, replacing the Launceston Aircraft Factory LAF-3 Rualacha Torpedo Bomber. Cleared for carrier take offs and landings, the Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber was not used in this capacity by the SDF-Navy Aviation Command, but as a land-based torpedo bomber.

With the first flight in 1937, the production contract was awarded shortly after. Giodróg means minx.


The Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber was an all-metal, low-wing constructed aircraft powered by a single Monarcha Gaoth Engine, a two row, 14-cylinder air cooled radial engine. It was a highly reliable aircraft, easy to maintain and to operate.

Self-sealing fuel tanks assured, that the Giodróg did not burst into flames at the slightest hit, which was a highly important factor for a relatively lightly armored aircraft such as this. She was highly maneuverable due to Fowler Flaps and constant speed propellers. A retractable carriage assured, that the maneuverability of the Giodróg was not marred. An arrestor hook enabled the aircraft to land on small airstrips or carriers. For easier storage, the wings could be folded up.

The pilot had a free and nearly unhindered look at the world around him and especially in front of him, looking from a closed cockpit forwards with the navigator directly behind him, back to back.

Armed with two forward firing machine guns, Gabha R-22, and one machine gun in dorsal position, another Gabha R-22, the Giodróg can defend itself, if necessary. The aircraft was also used as a ground-attack aircraft, capable of carrying either a torpedo or 800 kg of bombs or rockets.


In the 30s, the Giodróg participated in a request for proposals by Christeria and Our Ladia.

In KanColle-RPs

In Of Ships and Girls and Shipgirls, 8th Naval Air Squadron is equipped with Giodrógs, playing an important part in securing the returning ships after the Third Day Battle.

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