The Monarcha M-22 Faoilean Medium Bomber and Reconnaissance Plane was the mainstray of the SDF-Navy when it came to maritime patrol and observation, as well as, in variations, for AWACS, as a transport plane and even a mobile command post (which didn't work too well) from 1935 well into the 50s, after which they were replaced by newer and better aircraft. Some serve to this day as bushplane-airliners.

While only lightly armoured, these planes were not supposed to get into the thick of things as their contemporaries did, instead being hit-and-run-striker, even at night, if the situation allowed it, if strikers at all, as their primary role was to patrol, observe and report back using the powerful radio on board. For that role, their speed, ability to maneuvre and high-altitude performance were seen as sufficient defense. The actual strike would then be executed by a smaller, more agile torpedo bomber. If there were any scrapes they got in, the fuel tanks were at least self-sealing and, if the plane was used as a bomber, it had a high precision bomb sight for the co-pilot.

The radial piston engines were hard to maintain, though, and the aircraft's landing gear in early versions suffered from either breaking upon ground contact or not being able to be retracted. In later versions, rolling out starting 1939, this and a few other problems were fixed.

The SDF-Army used a limited number of M-22s for reconnaissance and transport duties.

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