Mount Vellenge, and the Vellenge Archipelago are a group of small, volcanic islands between the Free Lands and Lutetii, which have less economic value, but are strategically and spiritually important to both Lutetii and the Selkie.

Currently under right and order of the Free Lands, it is an international territory in accordance with the Utica Peace Accords.


Mount Vellenge itself is the largest volcano of the island group,

Flora and Fauna

Spiritual Meaning

To both the Selkie and to the Lutetiians, the islands are important spiritual places, the Guardian Festival reflecting that.

Guardian Festival

During the Guardian Festival,

By ancient tradition, the Festival Maiden is of Selkie-Birth in one year, the Guardian of Lutetiian birth, with it changing in the next year. Amy Bansagart of the Tribe of Westmeath had been a Festival Maiden in one year.


After the Second Vellenge War's end, the Sultanate of Kyrenaia brokered a peace treaty, the Utica Peace Accords.

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