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Traditional Music

Modern Styles

Kyrenaian Swing

While Razia-Sultana has expressed a great liking for Kyrenaian Swing, it is far from the only music played at balls with her in attendance.

Desert Rock

Desert Rock Musicians often claim, that their music is a-political and that for a purpose,

One of the currently best known Desert Rock Bands is Halu.

Desert Hard Rock

Hot Metal

Taking the principles of Desert Rock and Desert Hard Rock to an extreme, Hot Metal is a style usually associated with protest and disobedience. Developed in the 60s and 70s, during the last years of the reign of Kian-Sultan and the early years of the rule of Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad, it holds a similar position to the Kyrenaians as Selkie-Rock, as the Soundtrack to the Protests of 1970. Unlike Desert Rock, which still wears the Mantle of being Unpolitical, one of Hot Metal's Key Characteristics is exactly that, being political, quite often, but not always.

Other key characteristics of Hot Metal are the general tone of the lyrics, dark and depressing topics are often chosen, including songs about personal trauma. Sexuality is a topic usually taken up by Suggestive Metal, as the genre is called, but Hot Metal usually does not shy away from that topic. Accused of being simplistic and universal, stylized and formulaic, the usual response from musicians is, that the same could be said about Kyrenaian Swing. However, Hot Metal Musicians are quite insistent, that their music is not anti-patriotic.


Instruments of Hot Metal are typically Electric Guitars (and their solos), Bass Guitars, Singers/Vocal Chords and the Drumset. Although individual Hot Metal Musicians come to fame more often then bands, for example Razia Wasima, they, too, rely on the musical accompaniment of these instruments. While distortion is used on some instruments, it is an element used sparingly.

Kyrenaian Rap Music

One of the major topics of Kyrenaian Rap is Sexuality,

Fan Subcultures of Desert Hard Rock, Hot Metal and Kyrenaian Rap

Despite the topics of the music and the aggression of the music, Fans of these genres are known to be polite and ready to help. The sales figures from many charity albums speak for themselves,

Imported Music

Especially the Rock Scene is under the influence of Dísréad, from the Free Lands.


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