Music in Teressien is an important cultural factor and 

Classical Music

Heda Streech

Violinist Heda Streech.

Classical Music is the 

Folk Music


Schnitzel-Rock, or Teressian Rock, is a special type of Rock Music, which began its life in the Mid-70s.

Characteric for this musical style is the mix of rhythm-based lyrics with melodious, choral speaking vocals. Oftentimes, the topic of the songs is lighthearted, but there have been a number of less-lighthearted songs with success in that genre. While the majority of the songs is in Teressian, a number of songs are written in other languages as well, most prominently English. A certain cynicism and humour is often included into the lyrics. Synthesizers were popular in the 80s and Early 90s, but fell out of favour.

Küss die Hand

Küss die Hand, the currently most popular representatives of Schnitzel-Rock.

Typical instruments are drums, keyboard, guitar and vocal-chords. One of the most popular current representatives is the band Küss die Hand. Currently, this style of music is seen as unacceptable at court. The term 'Schnitzel-Rock' derives from a typical dish of the Cuisine of Teressien, the Schnitzel.

Other Musical Styles

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