Naelle Villeggiante is a young man from Lutetii, who, by coincidence, met Branwen and Elin Blaidd, of Tralee Descent during a family vacation at the Oileánra-Archipelago in 2019. He joined PiffleNet shortly after.


He was born on the 30th of November 2004 in Zara, Lutetii, to a family of bureaucrats and officials. Three years later, in 2007, his little brother Vitale was born.

For his birthday in 2019, Elin and Branwen gifted him with a desk week calendar with 53 photographs of themselves and friends in swimsuits and underwear in interesting poses, reflecting, that he was a young man in puberty now. He returned the favour during the 2019 Aftershow Party of the Archipelago Shooting, during his own vacation with the family, by bringing Lutetiian Specialities with him.


Naelle is a curious young man, 

Personal Relations

Branwen and Elin Blaidd, of Tralee Descent

He may or may not be crushing on Branwen.

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