The Naval School is the SDF-Navy's primary institution for teaching new officers and non-commissioned officers in one part of the school, the other part being a boarding school for children and young adults, where the Cadet School and the normal school operate jointly.

Requirements for joining the cvilian section is limited to passing the harsh entrance exams, "where we separate the foals from the horses", as the instructors say, as no study fees are required. Due to the Naval School's high reputation in the education of younger adults, those are always well attended. Alumni of the Naval School usually have great careers in later life.

The Naval School is placed in Wembury. The SDF-Army maintains its own academy, but that one does not have a civilian section.


In 2016, the Naval School raised a Joint Sensha-Do Team, the Naval School Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. Puisíni, the Kittens, equipped with Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicles and Faolchú Armoured Personnel Carriers. In the summer of 2018, visited the Imperial and Royal Monarchy for a student exchange.


The Naval School has three sections

  • The Officer Training Course, which lasts for six years, the Ensigns having at least one cruise on a training vessel. With the decommissioning of SDFS Rhiannon, that duty began to rotate between active vessels of the Navy.
  • The Cadet Cadre is the cadet school of the Free Lands,
  • The Civilian Section is the normal, civilian educational course under strict standards.

No matter the section, the students are excluded from service with the Wembury Younger Militia.


Military Section

Civilian Section


Two students of the Naval School in school uniforms, the Cadet Dress, one with overcoat, the other without. The school uniform's parallels to the SDF-Navy's uniforms is not coincidental.

Students of the Civilian Section wear school uniforms,


Famous Alumni

Officer Training Course

Cadet Cadre

Civilian Section

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