Naval Station Launceston (NS Launceston) is one of the SDF-Navy's most important and northernmost stations, responsible for the Icy Shore and the Northern Islands. The Naval Station is Co-Used by the SDF-Army and a number of their units.


With the rededication of Naval Station Rua to the Northern Islands Constabulary, Launceston became even more important as the Northernmost SDF-Navy Station. While that status was changed when the 22nd Fast Gunboat Squadron was repositioned to Rua in Octobre 2018, Launceston remained the most important Naval Station in the north, mainly due to the Naval Yard.

With the reformation of the SDF-Navy, a number of units were dissolved, Launceston receiving the 3rd Corvette Squadron, which was soon dissolved as well, the vessels being transferred to the Rímharú-Group stationed in Wembury.

Units stationed at NS Launceston



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