Naya von Bucktend is a Princess of Teressien, namely of the Herzogtum Bucktend, as well as an artist - her arts are both music (she plays ocarina) and garden arts.

She is the middle-sister to Raik, Prinz von Bucktend and Bodo, Prinz von Bucktend, as well as daughter of Norwin von Bucktend and Elfi von Bucktend.


Naya was born in 1994 in Bucktend, the capital of the Herzogtum Bucktend, which belongs to the Feuerbergkette. In 2001, her younger brother, Bodo, Prinz von Bucktend, was born.

Like any child of higher birth in Teressien, she began playing an instrument in 1999, in her case, after some trying out, an ocarina.

She began her educational career in 2000, at the Alexander von Sykane Elementary School in Bucktend, which she left in 2006 in favour of the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia. There, her talent for gardening came to light, which she decided to make not only her main-hobby, but also the direction she would study in. She also met Sunna for the first time there and befriended the shy girl.

She graduated in 2013 with flying colours, beginning her studies at the University of Bucktend of Horticulture. She made her Bachelor's in 2016 and her Master's in 2018 and is, currently, working on her Doctor.


Naya is a smart young woman, very creative and willing to show this creativity. She has a very hands-on approach to gardening, preferring to get her hands dirty and to do the work herself, not out of disrespect for co-workers but out of respect for the garden and its plants. She loves roses in all colours, especially the classical red, and has a small, private rose garden, which she uses for recreation. Being invited in there for tea is an honour, even if not an official one.

In her favourite swimsuit, 2019.

She is a capable swimmer and likes to swim, but does not do that on a professional or competitive level. 

Naya is single and owns a yacht by the name of Rosenläufer.

Personal Relations

Her Family

Mahmut al-Zahir

Naya got to know Grand Vizier Mahmut al-Zahir during a visit of his to Teressien in 2010 for the first time, immediately taking a shining to the old, wise man - and his passion for gardening, especially of roses.

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