Nela, Prinzessin von Zieselhaven und Elms is the later-born daughter of the late Herzog of Zieselhaven und Elms, as well as the younger sister of Fiete von Zieselhaven und Elms.

She is permitted to fly propeller planes of up to 25 metres in length and owns three planes fitting that description.


As the later-born and daughter, however, she was not exactly the focus of the attention, mostly being raised by nannies, who didn't really care either. As the younger sister to Fiete, Prinz von Zieselhaven und Elms, and part of her family's machinations, she made do, however. She excelled in school, proved to be a hard worker and attended the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia from 2000 to 2007. From 2002 onwards, she befriended a fellow student, Rena, Prinzessin von Wißenthen.

She graduated in 2007 with flying colours.

Shortly afterwards, she began her studies of Politics at the University of Zieselhaven, reaching the Master's Degree in 2013, after six years. During her time there, she also made forays into history and aviation, the latter by joining and the Aviation Society of the University of Zieselhaven. She became very much involved with the Luftfahrtmuseum Elms, who's Honorary Chairwoman she became in 2010. She made her aviator's license for small propeller airplanes in 2014, allowing her to fly propeller planes up to 25 metres in length.

She is dedicated to politics in the Herzogtum Zieselhaven und Elms and seen as one of the most important political factors within that Herzogtum. Her main focus is on the situation of children. It is an open secret, however, that she has higher ambitions then just being the later-born Princess. That is not fine with everybody.

She accompanied Rena to the 2019 Launceston Harvest Festival.


Nela is a protective and motherly woman, forgiving and kind, especially towards children. She prioritizes the well-being of friends and family over many other things, though. Serene Elegance is the name of her game.

Despite her motherly disposition, however, one would be wrong to assume, that she is 'harmless' by any stretch of the imagination. Nela can be, and was, a cruel person, if the situation called for it, although some people swear, that she enjoys letting her cruel side out. Some even say, that she is not entirely sane. They do not say that to her face.

Nela loves bathing, especially in Hammams, and is a rather good swimmer. She also excels as a pilot, especially of vintage aircraft. In 2010, she became Honorary Chairwoman of the Luftfahrtmuseum Elms. She has a sweet tooth.

Personal Relations

Rena, Prinzessin von Wißenthen

Renny and Nela are, against all odds, actually quite good friends. While she envies Rena a bit for the love of her family, the two get along swimmingly, to the point, that some even see them as an item, if it weren't for Teressien's Conservatism. She accompanied Rena onto several trips abroad, two friends on a vacation. When Rena competes as a Marcach in the Free Lands, Nela chooses her to be her Champion.

Fiete von Zieselhaven und Elms

Nela and her brother Fiete share an interesting relationship,

Aaltje and Jette Schreyg

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