Nora Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork is a businesswoman, CEO of Silverport Dockyards Limited, mother of Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork and Arcane Servant to Gavida.

Nora is, besides CEO of SDY, mother of a daughter and an Arcane Servant to Gavida. She also works in charity for children in warzones and their education, the Cabhair Group, something she usually does not brag about.


Nora Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, born in 1964 in Silverport is a Selkie businesswoman and shipwright, one of the co-founders of Silverport Dockyards Limited. Her father is Tyran Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, who founded the company in 1983.

In 1970, she followed her mother's footsteps by joining the Axemaidens of Gavida, the God of Arts and Crafts, being a good woodcarver herself, becoming a laywoman of that Cult. In 2001, she was 'promoted' to Arcane Servant, a position she holds to this day.

At the tender age of 23, after finishing the Merchant School of Laclan, she joined her father's company as his registered office. During these days, the company was mostly a repair yard, but in 1992, SDY entered a competition for the new corvettes of the SDF-Navy with the help of a young, genius engineer named Fynn Caillte of the Tribe of Cork.

What began as a business relationship soon blossomed into love between the two, culminating in their marriage in 1988 and the birth of their daughter Gwen in 1989 (Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork is nowadays an accomplished engineer, forelady of Yard 15 and representative of SDY on a multitude of events).

She became a widow in 1997, when a storm forced an amphibious assault ship of a friendly nation to limp to Silverport for an emergency checkup and said 40,000 tons of warship fell onto Fynn's head during the inspection of the keel. He wore a hardhat, as did the other 29 people crushed by the keel. Nora fought on and raised further in the ranks of SDY. In 2005, she added the Grey Wolf Sról to the family, who is to this day her daughter's pet.

In 2009, her father retired and she took SDY's reins, expanding the company and forming strategic partnerships with Ironcastle Ironworks and Gabha Blacksmiths as well as several other companies in the Free Lands, preparing it for the international market, which the company entered in 2015.

In 2016, during a ball in the Empire of Criska, where she travelled abroad to represent SDY, she met Major Lukas Praeton of the Criskan Air Force, with whom she started a relationship intended as a one-night-stand to fill the loneliness in her life for a night, resulting in a relationship and a pregnancy. In April 2017, she suffered from a miscarriage, naming the child in accordance to ancient custom the name she would have given it would it have been born, naming it Kyra Cathlong.

In early 2019, Nora took the duties as representative of SDY in foreign countries due to her daughter's pregnancy.


Nora is an open and cordial person, especially towards guests and friends, but many business partners and customers, who attended dinners hosted by SDY's CEO confirm, that she is also cordial towards them - and that not only being a business move. It is, partially, because she is a cordial person, partially to fill the emptyness in her heart ever since her husband died.

All of this got a slight dampener ever since her miscarriage, but she is on the best way of recovery.

Another important facette of her personality is her curiosity, which sometimes gets the better of her, as well as her sexual openness.

Personal Relations


Nora Cathlong's family is both small and large, encompassing her father, her daughter, Gwen Banphripnsa and her family, who happily return the favour.

Gwen Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan

Lukas Praeton

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