Ensign Nora Scriúire of the Tribe of Cavan is an Ensign of the Naval School and Head Mechanic of its Sensha-Do Team.


Born in 2001 to Viola Scriúire of the Tribe of Cavan, at the time Sergeant and maintenance chief of a Gaoth Fighterbomber for the SDF-Army Air Combat Command, in Ironcastle, Nora was part of the mechanical world from a very early age, her mother often taking her with her to the Air Base as a kid. She loved it, playing with the thought of joining the pilot corps early on.

In 2010, she made the entrance exams of the Naval School, joining for the 2011 School Year. In 2016, she joined the newly founded Naval School Sensha-Do Team and quickly became one of its mechanics, rising to the position of Head Mechanic by 2017. In the same year, she had a short fling with Fiona Bláth of the Tribe of Wexford during the Archipelago-Holiday.

After graduation in 2019, Nora joined the Navy as an Ensign and plans to join the Machinists.


Nora had always been interested in mechanics and mechanical devices, including tinkering, and a keen follower of both Tank Sport and Sensha-Do. She was never someone for driving a tank, except for towing services, but always interested in the mechanics and devices, which became, what she was known for.

Nora is openly bisexual and has a boyfriend.

Personal Relations

Fiona Bláth of the Tribe of Wexford

The relationship between Nora and her Team Captain is complicated, to say the least: Both are young women with dreams, both are military brats, both are keen followers of Tank Sport and Sensha-Do... and both had a fling with each other. During the Archipelago Holiday in 2017, the two of them slept with each other and things had been awkward ever since.

Professionally, the two of them work together perfectly, but when the professional side is over, it gets awkward and weird between the two of them.

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