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Map of the Northern Islands with the most important cities and towns marked.

The Northern Islands are a wild and savage, cold land north of the Mainland, hence their name. There are 154 islands of varying size.




The islands were inhabited by people the Selkie knew as Lagrachán, literally meaning 'weakling', long before the first Selkie arrived. They hunted and lived there, according to their own myths since the dawn of time itself. Archeological evidence, or rather the lack thereof, lets experts assume, that the Lagrachán settled on the Northern Islands around 10,000 years before our time.

The first contact, who did what and why, is lost to time and eroding memory. They were first mentioned in a document of a trader in Tipa, who noted something about the quality of furs from the north. Fact is, that during the Late Dark Ages, curious Selkie-Explorers, spurred by the discovery of the Oileánra-Archipelago and other islands, established a lasting contact with the Lagrachán, trading between each other and for mutual benefit, especially when it came to high-quality furs and iron tools. Decades turned to centuries in mostly peaceful relations. In 1597, the Merchant Guild of Leuda established the small trading post Bunáit on the Northern Islands, one of the southmost of them. Trade was good and profitable.


During the 17th century however, the Merchant Guild of Leuda grew restless with the situation and decided to convince the Lagrachán to leave their homelands, convincing them by the strength of arms. For that purpose, they hired Liam Folracht of the Tribe of Wicklow, known as Liam the Red, one of the most brutal leaders of Selkie-Mercenaries to ever live. Those not killed were expelled, only a handful of slaves were taken. Colonists soon followed.

That wasn't the end of the story, though, as the Lagrachán fled to a chain of islands far away, still holding grudges against the Selkie to this day.

During both Vellenge Wars, Lagrachán fought against the Selkie, both times with no success, always being promised their lands back should there be success.

Fur Trade and Mining


Economically speaking, most of the Selkie living on the Northern Islands nowadays either live of what the land provides them with in the first sector or from the third, either working in the administration, for the SDF-Army's Northern Islands Constabulary, for the plenty of research posts and stations or offering their services in one way or the other to locals, Selkie and tourists.

First Sector Workers are mostly hunters, fishers and miners, most prominently Báigh Mining Limited.

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