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Oea is a city in Kyrenaia, in the Khanate of Sheliak. It is the Khanate's Seat of Government, signified by the Muaqab Palace.

Due to its climate, Oea is by now a major tourism center in Kyrenaia, especially among Kyrenaians.




Oea has a hot desert climate, influenced by the seas it is at, with hot dry summers and almost rainless winters. The water is warm enough to allow coral reefs to grow off-shore, but over the last few years, with the continuous expansions of the city and its ship handling facilities, environmentalists have raised more and more concerns.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Averages / Totals
Record High Temperature (°C) 32.2 36 38.9 43.5 45 47.5 48.5 48 45 44 38 33.5
Daily Mean Temperature (°C) 16 17.5 20.5 25 29 32 34 34 31.5 27.5 22 17
Average Rainfall (mm) 4 3 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 4 2 5
Average Relative Humidity (%) 32 28 25 19 16 15 17 18 25 27 29 33
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 230 237 251 273 320 325 350 350 292 282 250 220
Mean Sea Temperature (°C) 22 21 21 23 25 26 28 28 28 27 25 23


See also: Citizens of Oea.

In 2017, Oea had 5.2 million inhabitants,


Muaqab Palace

The Muaqab Palace is the Seat of Government of the Khanate of Sheliak

Baed Palace

While the Baed Palace can act as center of government for the Ilkhanate or even the entire Sultanate, and usually does during the summer months, it usually isn't. That honour goes to the Palace of the Azure Hall.

Military: Embarkation Point Oea

Embarkation Point Oea is an installation by the Sultanate's Armed Forces, used to embark troops on transports and Amphibious Operations Vessels. With parts of the Army's Special Forces having their home garrisons in Oea, in particular No. 12 Long-Range Fighter Group's 38th Long-Range Fighter Wing and the 21st Reconnaissance Wing, as well as the 4th Mechanized Brigade, this post is necessary. Embarkation Point Oea is also used as a port by the RKCG, in particular as homeport of Mobile Unit 1 and a few smaller vessels.

The RKN has no station in Oea, but Oea Harbour is a regular destination for good will visits of training ships and a solid part in the travel itinerary of the Labiwa. A small shore staff tends to these arrivals.




Train and Car

Oea Harbour

Oea Canal

Oea's Marinas

Oea International Airport


Ahmaraas Girls' Academy

The AGA is famous for their Swordfighting and Sworddancing Teams. In 2020, they raised their own Sensha-Do Team, the Ahmaraas Girls' Academy Sensha-Do Team or the Faralsahay or Desert Mouses (named after the Kyrenaian Desert Mouse).