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Map of the Oileánra-Archipelago with the most important cities marked.

The Oileánra-Archipelago, oftentimes simply called the Archipelago, is a large group of islands south to south east of the Mainland, which are of a warmer and more tropical climate.

According to the 2016 census, 129,456 people live on the entire archipelago with 2,130 living in the capital of Dumhach. The Southern Archipelago has a total of 50,331 inhabitants (2016 census). Current mayor of Dumhach, and thus basically governor of the Archipelago, is Darufa Rialtóir of the Tribe of Conn. Other population centres include, but are not limited to Gaineamh and Scrín.


The Oileánra-Archipelago is a large island group stretching over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, stretching from east to west over nine hundred kilometers. Many of the larger islands are forested, with an average island size of roughly 25 hectare, there are a few rather large forest areas. The total land mass is 315.1 square kilometers.

Most of the islands are classical islands either of rock or sand, mostly both, some even of volcanic origin, 125 to be exact, with 12 volcanoes still being active. There are also 37 coral islands forming the Sliabhraon Group.

The sea is azure blue, warm and houses a lot of different animals, both introduced by the Selkie and living there naturally. Much like the Mainland, the Oileánra-Archipelago is one of those magical places, where everything living there is trying to kill you. In one way or the other.


The majority of the islands experience warm, but not hot, as well as humid summers, as well as mild winters. Daily maximum temperatures go from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, the latter during summer. Annual rainfall ranges between 700 to 1600 millimeters on average.

August is usually the warmest month of the three months of summer (2nd half of June, July, August and 1st half of September). It rarely gets close to zero degrees celsius in winter, not to speak of snow.

The sun shines often.

Contrary to popular belief, and descriptions of the tourism board, the Archipelago is not tropical.


  • Olgaithe-Type Sailing Vessels
  • Modernizing the Archipelago Initiative


The Oileánra-Archipelago is home to a unique variation of Selkie-Culture, mostly centered around the shallow waters between the islands. It is also home to the remains of two of the Lost Tribes, the Tribe of Conn in the North and the Tribe of Navan in the South (although it usually is intermixed).

The Geansais of either Tribes are not made of animal fur, but of fish leather or the leather of other sea-dwellers.

In some southern areas of the Archipelago, for example in the area of the Town of Scrín, it is customary to gift a child turning into an adult a dagger made from Quartzite. It is usually around fifteen centimetre long, the handle being secured as by fibres glued to the handle with tree sap. It is a very primitive-looking, very sharp tool and, to some extend, weapon for self-defense.

Since 2001, the Archipelago is a regular destination of Eachtara Cruise Lines Limited of Shella.


Local Cults



Oileánra-Archipelago Constabulary

Dumhach is home to a small Constabulary, under the command of Commander Gavin Bagrach of the Tribe of Westmeath.


The Oileánra-Archipelago is a classical first sector economy, mostly relying on fishing and on cutting the odd tree. The inhabitants rarely hunt for food on dry shore. Industry is present as well, Silverport Dockyards Limited has two yards there, one a branch of Yard 15, the other for local services.

As for natural ressources, the Archipelago has a few guano islands, which are mostly unused, plenty of fishing grounds and several smaller mines for copper.

Internationally most well-known are the Longbhriseadh-Islands, which form the centre of the Archipelago, and amongst them Tearmann Island and the Resort there. Among the Selkie, many famous people have holiday homes in the Archipelago, one example being Stíobharach Island.

The Archipelago is also known as the origin point of Selkie-Silk.

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