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Okan Fahnnan is a Kyrenaian Actor, often typecasted as a Byronic Hero, mainly due to his leading role in the Lone Blades Movie Series. He has also a variety of other movies and roles under his belt.


In 2020, while shooting a movie in Teressien, Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland asked him if he couldn't have a meet-and-greet with Lien, Prinzessin von Byrkland on or near her 18th Birthday, which he happily agreed to. As a bonus, he got her a small part in his next movie, 2021's , more a cameo then anything else.




Okan is often typecasted as the Kyrenaian Version of the Byronic Hero, a type of anti-hero. Usually, his characters are very proud, cynical and defiant towards authority, but also deeply hurt and seeking revenge for that implacably - but, on the flipside, capable of deep and strong affection, which, more then once, is the source of his will for revenge. Scorn towards other humans can be part of the package as well.

Personal Relations

Lien, Prinzessin von Byrkland

Amina Qaebukin

Aaltje Schreyg and Jette Schreyg

Otis Sassa