The Old Academies, are the premier educational institutions for young people and the best schools one can send children to. Sponsored by the Ilkhan of the Ilkhanate they are in, attendance is only bound to performance and intelligence, tested in harsh tests. They form an integral part of the Kyrenaian Educational System.

In return, it is usual for the Old Academies to provide a Tribute to the Ilkhan, the most often seen being the Kyrenaian Handmaidens, but also including for example the Big Bands of the Academy as musical entertainment. In 2018, the Haram Girls' Academy and the Tabar Boys' Academy celebrated their 1000th anniversaries.

Their younger counterparts are the Young Academies, the premier of which are the Ahmaraas Girls' Academy in Oea and the Opisto Lumihiutale in Peeoma, Jalid.

Girls' Academies

Boys' Academies

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